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January Blues

Let’s face it, by the time January comes around we are all deep in that post holiday slump. The January Blues, they call it. If you’re anything like me then this has a distinct impact on your creativity too. I can’t count how many projects I have frogged already this month, and we are only half way in.

So how do we overcome these January Blues?

How can we turn this negative into a positive?

That’s our focus this month, putting a spin on those January Blues that will get you up and creating in no time. We’re knitters, spinners, and crocheters, but there’s no reason this idea can’t be used in any creative field.

Let’s start with something classic. Classic Blue, to be precise. Pantone have named Classic Blue as Colour Of The Year 2020.

Personally I love this choice, the possibilities for creating colour combinations are endless. But the decision has seen quite a bit of backlash amongst the creative. It’s been described as boring, bland, and plain. Don’t worry Classic Blue, we’ve got your back.

Starting with a colour palette in mind can make choosing the right project for you even easier. You could take the idea of January Blues very literally and create a whole colour palette around Classic Blue.

Here’s just a few examples of ones we love. The range of deep, classic colours that come through are very inspiring and I can see quite a few retro themed makes on my WIP pile very soon!

But how else can we try to get rid of this creative slump? If simply looking at Ravelry’s top patterns isn’t sparking your interest, it might be time to bring out the big guns.


We’ve all lost hours to this website. More than we care to admit. But good grief, isn’t it just a treasure trove of creativity? We have our own The Knitters Attic Pinterest Page, but there are millions of others out there that are filled to the brim with inspiration. If you don’t find a project you like after dedicating an hour to Pinterest, I will eat my very well crocheted hat.

Sometimes though, you have something in mind but you just haven’t got the oomph to get going. I feel this dilemma in my bones. I’ve been here many a time, and am in fact right there with you as I type this. My creative slump, brought on by the retched January Blues, has lasted a good few weeks so far and is showing no sign of waltzing off any time soon. I’ve got a list longer than my arm of projects I would like to start, but no motivation at all to start them.

Someone suggested I walk away for a couple of days, and the Crojo (Crochet Mojo) would come back by itself. They were very wrong. I just spent a few days snacking and napping. Nothing wrong with that, but not helpful for my creativity.

It’s a frustrating position to be in for any creative mind. But we can work together, we can get through this.

That sounded a bit dramatic, didn’t it?

But in all seriousness, it’s very annoying to be stuck. If none of your usual methods are working, there’s one thing left to try.

Forcing it never sounds fun. It never feels nice to do something you know you love doing, but are experiencing nothing but negative feelings towards. But this is part of finding mindfulness and relaxation in our creative projects. Sometimes in order for creativity to flow, we have to give it a bit of a nudge. Or in my case of bloomin’ huge one.

If you remind yourself that you love creating, and you continue even when you feel negative, eventually the positive feeling you get from it will come back to you.

It might be a particular yarn you’re working with, a colour palette that really catches your eye, or maybe a new family member on the way. But whatever it is that makes you love your craft again, you will soon be forgetting about those January Blues.

We’d love to hear how you get over your January Blues, particularly the ones that cause creative blocks. Sharing is caring, after all. Leave your comments below, we can’t wait to hear your ideas.

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