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If you know us you will know that we try our hardest to meet customers wants, we encourage knitters to loiter with the yarns & patterns and we love our Knitting Bee members. Truly we are so very lucky here, wonderful loyal customers, happy knitters and crocheters aplenty.
By now you may well be asking yourself “what is she rambling on about?” 😂 Well, it has been brought to our attention that the nominations for the British Knitting & Crochet Awards 2020 are now open. We have half-heartedly approached this the last 2 years but this year we are going to ask you all to please nominate The Knitters Attic for Best Independent Yarn Shop in the South East of England if….IF you feel we have offered the best service. We would never ask for anything other than genuine nominations from truly satisfied customers. Obviously it would be amazing to reach the nomination stage and when receiving such lovely compliments as we did yesterday we can almost believe that we are a fair contender (almost, still a bit unsure what we are doing is enough).
Anyway, for those that made it to the end of this lengthy post… THANK YOU !! for being our customers, for supporting us and for providing us with such wonderful companionship along this journey.
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