Danger Crafts – Jerry the Musical Monkey

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Danger Crafts – Jerry the Musical Monkey

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Danger Crafts – Jerry the Musical Monkey

A little bit about Jerry:

Most monkeys in Jerry’s family just go by the name ‘Monkey’. But, since Jerry’s dad’s name was Monkey, his family and friends started calling him by the nickname of Jerry instead, which just kind of stuck. He loves it because he is really into 1950-60s music and culture and Jerry was a very popular name in that era. Jerry’s all-time favourite artist? Johnny Cash.”

You will need:

  • 150-200 yards of yarn in your main colour (for body, arms legs and tail).
  • 60-90 yards of yarn in your contrast colour (for mouth, feet, hands and ears).
  • One 36″ or longer circle needle smaller than recommended for your yarn by 2-3 needle sizes.
  • One additional needle in the same size (straight, dpn or circular: for 3 needle bind off)
  • Stuffing.
  • Buttons/plastic safety eyes/yarn for eyes
  • Scrap black yarn for belly button and nose.

Don’t forget to look for Jerry’s other animal friends from Danger Crafts!


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