Danger Crafts – Sammie The Sock Monster

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Danger Crafts – Sammie The Sock Monster

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Danger Crafts – Sammie The Sock Monster.

Sure, knitted monsters are great, but knitted monsters with knitted clothing are even better! Sammie makes a great gift on hand for anyone who need cheering up: I mean, how can you not love a monster in socks?

A little bit about Sammie:

“Sammie is always cold. His feet in particular get so cold cold that he always, always wears socks to warm them up. He wears socks so much that they have become a fixture of his body and he has been known to hop in the shower or lake with them on! He has also never owned a pair of sandals because he doesn’t think socks and sandals look very good together. Sammie is planning to move to the desert in the near future in hopes of living somewhere he could take his socks off every now and again.”

You will need:

  • 200-240 yards of yarn in your main monster colour.
  • 50-75 yards of white yarn (same weight yarn as your main colour).
  • One set double pointed needles, smaller than recommended for your yarn by 2-3 sizes.
  • One 36″ or longer circular needle in the same size.
  • Buttons/plastic safety eyes/scrap of yarn for eyes.
  • Felt for teeth.
  • Stuffing.
  • Fabric glue.


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