Kaleidoscope Blanket CAL – Stylecraft Special DK Pack


  • Jewellery Box
  • Old Rose
  • Tequila Sunrise


The Kaleidoscope CAL was created by the talented Catherine Bligh, using Stylecraft Special DK yarn.

The CAL begins January 3rd 2020, and each of the 13 free parts will be released fortnightly in Ravelry.

The Kaleidoscope blanket is a beautiful geometric design, inspired by a quilt pattern and created using triangles, squares and octagons. Colourwork helps create a really stunning effect, combining flat stitches with post stitches and popcorns to mimic the effect of printed fabrics in a pieced patchwork quilt.
It’s an ambitious project, but the end product is a beautiful, unique heirloom blanket that’s full of rich texture and colour.  It’s not a project for a novice, but it’s absolutely suitable for somebody who wants to try colourwork for the first time. There are lots of pictures to help with the written instructions.”


There are 3 colourways available for the pack, detailed below:

Jewellery Box takes inspiration from rich jewel colours, which create a striking contrast against the white:

10 x white
2 x lapis
1 x emperor
2 x empire
1 x violet
3 x aspen
1 x lobelia
1 x cloud blue
1 x turquoise
1 x lavender
1 x wisteria
1 x boysenberry

Old Rose is a more vintage floral colourway and includes the following in Special DK:

10 x cream
2 x bottle
1 x pale rose
2 x sage
1 x candyfloss
3 x duck egg
1 x spring green
1 x meadow
1 x teal
1 x vintage peach
1 x soft peach
1 x raspberry

Tequila Sunrise is bold and warm, named for the colours in the classic cocktail and includes the following in Special DK:

10 x grey
2 x claret
1 x saffron
2 x tomato
1 x gold
3 x spice
1 x pomegranate
1 x lipstick
1 x shrimp
1 x sunshine
1 x lemon
1 x citron



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