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“Take your time to savour this issue, undisturbed. Create a mindful moment for yourself. Those of us who craft know the value of knitting and crochet, and understand the mindful benefits any crafting can bring.” ~ Scheepjes.

Taking inspiration from Eckhart Tolle’s books The Power of Now and A New Earth, our ninth issue of YARN Bookazine, NOW Age, presents four concepts across four carefully curated chapters designed to inspire and enlighten the creative within. Celebrate and wear the Bohemian Bralette to a local festival, or bring yourself calm crocheting the Celestial Mandala. No matter which design you choose, this issue reminds us that taking time to craft is something we can all benefit from.

Patterns included:

  • Bohemian Bralet
  • Floral Eclipse Throw
  • Sunburst Poncho
  • Happy Snappy Bag
  • Serenity Cardigan
  • Asana Bag
  • Breathe Between the Lines
  • Celestial Mandela
  • Chakra Energy Flags
  • Inner Goddess Cushion
  • Free Flow Shawl
  • Flower of Life Pouf & Blanket
  • Earth Day Sweater
  • Tree Hugger Scarf
  • Blue the Whale
  • Changing Tides Bag


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