Sunstar CAL from Stylecraft


  • My Country Garden
  • My Sun & Stars
  • My Vintage


“Introducing the fabulous Sunstar CAL designed by Jo Smith aka Thespannerworks

This autumn we have a fantastic crochet-a-long for you. It will be published in seven instalments starting on the 3rd September 2019, and all the patterns will be available to download free from Stylecraft’s website:

They also have a new CAL Facebook group where you can chat about the pattern and share your progress – Official Stylecraft Yarns CAL group

The patterns will be available in US terms, UK terms and Dutch.”

It is available in three different colourways: My Vintage, My Country Garden and My Sun and Stars. Each pack contains sufficient yarn to complete the project.

My Country Garden uses Special DK whilst Life DK and Batik are used for the other two.

The Patchwork Heart says:-

“It has long been my dream to live in a cottage, growing flowers to fill jugs for my home. Picking shades for a colour recipe which evoked this dream, gave me weeks of pleasure, as I hooked these pretty shades together. It is my hope that you too will have a wonderful adventure as you work with the Country Garden colour recipe.”


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