Did you know that there is a ‘Party’ to which you are all invited?? Yes, that’s right, EVERYONE can enjoy the DROPS Alpaca Party and receive a 40% discount off all alpaca yarns (discount is automatically applied on our website) … and the offer runs until 15th October, so plenty of time for you to build your wish-list and snag those bargains.

I’m sure you are all familiar with DROPSDesign yarns, from garnstudio, they offer fantastic value for money and are produced from some wonderful fibres. Alpaca yarn is soft, warmer than wool and extremely durable. 100% alpaca yarn contains no lanolin so is ideal for sensitive skin. If it is blended with silk, such as the DROPS BabyAlpaca Silk yarn, then you have softness, strength and a glossy shine.

DROPSDesign also offer over 120,000 FREE knitting and crochet patterns. This seasons Autumn/Winter patterns have already been published on garnstudio.com

I have personally used many of their yarns, Flora for Socks, Alpaca Boucle for Hats, Paris for summer cotton tops and Melody for the softest jacket imaginable. It handles beautifully and I find I rarely have to adjust my needle size to get gauge. This year I have my eye on the Evening Lakeside Vest, crocheted using DROPS Sky yarn.

It uses a 4mm hook so I will be wearing it in no time, over a crisp white shirt – layering is key to providing maximum warmth and this year is going to be the year to keep cosy and comfortable. There is even a free pattern for the Woodland Berry shorts, using DROPS Fabel yarn. I’ve heard a few comments about the extremely high waist on these shorts but it’s relatively simple to reduce the number of rows worked to provide a fit for your natural waistline. I can see myself wearing these under jeans or winter dresses in the colder weather. Not sure if it’s wisdom or just old age but what on earth was I thinking in my late teens, tottering out bare-legged without a coat in December, firmly denying I felt the cold??? The old adage is true… My Mother WAS right about everything !!

My final choice ( wishful thinking more than achievement I feel) is the Comfy Caramel Trousers. I truly do wish I had the time to sit and produce these, so very smart and elegant. They are actually knitted on 5mm needles but at a tad off being 6ft tall I fear I would have an awful lot of leg length to knit !!

Hopefully I have given you some inspiration to take a look at the incredible variety of patterns – I haven’t mentioned the babies and children’s ones, nor the Home accessories … it’s a rabbit hole that you will easily lose a few hours to !!

You are invited to the DROPS 40% Alpaca Party

Did you know that there is a ‘Party’ to which you are all invited?? Yes, [...]

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