Playing with Yarns…

Playing with Yarns

As you know by now, one of the things I love to do is experiment with different yarns, my favourite  one being combining yarns.  This week I saw a beautiful photo of a talented facebook crocheter (see image below). She had crocheted a stunning C2C blanket and added crochet flowers.  I could immediately envision this in shades of white & off-white, so off to the stock room I went.

I decided on Rowan Alpaca Soft DK combined with Rowan Kidsilk Haze for the main blanket and would add various shades of ivory, white, off-white for the flowers. So I settled in for an afternoon of crocheting bliss, except by the time I got to row 8 I wasn’t loving the feel of the project. It was soft, oh so very soft but not really showing off the ‘haze’  from the Kidsilk.  So I nabbed a ball of Rowan Alpaca Classic and started over.  It was much more like I have in mind,still soft, drapey & hazy. So much so that I did a small test piece with a hook 0.5mm smaller – that was a revelation ! The smaller sized hook gave a far stiffer stitch AND proceeded to hide the hazy part of the yarn. So I finally settled on a 5mm hook with Rowan Alpaca Classic (115) & Rowan Kidsilk (612) held jointly.

Those of you that crochet C2C will know how quickly it grows, today was an afternoon well spent, with an enormous amount of progress made.  I will try to keep working on it as much as possible but this week heralds the arrival of 2 more sets of builders to work on the second reception room and the entrance hall and… finally… I have a Kitchen !!! Woohoo, am so thrilled to make my morning cup of tea in my own home again.  The bathroom is complete too, so both the temporary kitchen and bathroom pods have been sent away (never to be seen again, Please !!). Everything is new so it’s taking a little while to absorb all the new operating aspects of everything (doesn’t technology on household goods change at the speed of light?), do you want a peak at my new range? I am so very HAPPY with the colour…

Ok, ok… the photo on the right is just an example, that I shall aspire to when I next get to cook 🙂 

Work is well underway on the stockrooms and the shop itself. I simply cannot wait for the day I can announce my reopening, I have missed you all very much.  I hadn’t realised how much of a social person I am and how I miss those chatty sessions in the shop.  We will have new yarns (Brands) to show off as well as a new look shop. Although these last 5 months have been rather trying it has given me the time I needed to thoroughly overhaul my stock and take note of where I can improve the yarns offered, through price, colour and quality.

So, for now I must leave you as supper is just about done and the family will begin baying for food before long. I hope you all have a wonderful week, with no dropped stitches or tangled yarn balls,

Much Love

Sharon xx




A little update …

A little update …

It has been a rather long time coming but I am glad to say that actual work has begun on the house this week, albeit slowly but it still gives me joy to see our home starting to receive the huge hug it really needs. The electrics are first priority, then the enormous task of construction, plastering, decorating, fittings etc can follow. A few of our wooden furniture pieces were removed for restoration (those that I was rather attached to and didn’t want to replace) but the majority has to be purchased.

Some might find that a thrilling event but for me choosing the kitchen, the bathroom, the furniture and everything else at once was a mammoth undertaking. I began to feel as if the quote from Henry Ford, “Any colour the customer wants as long as it’s black”  would have come in very handy some days !! Anyway choices have been confirmed, the house is finally dry and days are filled with the sound of merry contractors (and they are a lovely merry bunch).

So, on to the shop – work has commenced there too. Once again the units will need replacing, along with just about everything else bar the yarn we rescued before the shop flooded. It has been easier than I imagined to maintain our customer base, mainly due to the unwavering support of such wonderful people. Local pick-up and online sales have been fantastic but oh boy, do I miss the interaction with my customers. I can see now that I would never be happy operating an online only store – I NEED the company of these hugely talented, innovative, creative geniuses. Every single one of you has brought something to my life and enriched it … so I cannot wait to be back, shop open and contentment restored.

Sorry this is such a ‘wordy’ post, I have photos of the house and shop etc so will pop back in a few days and upload some, so you can view the chaos the new shop will arise from.

Keep those needles clicking and those hooks twisting until we can meet again,   

Much Love,

Sharon xx


Inspired by Temperature Blankets …

I am sure we have all seen or heard of Temperature Blankets by now – each day you crochet or knit a row corresponding to the colours you assign to a range of temperatures. I have even seen mini granny square versions and sewn patchwork versions. Recently I became aware of a new twist on these – changing the criteria for the blanket.

So instead of recording daily temperatures you record something more personal to you, such as your emotions or your level of fatigue etc. It can be for joyous reasons or more sombre causes. I think completing one based on how far you have walked each day is a lovely motivational idea. Admittedly the groupings for colour changes may have to be in metres as opposed to miles etc but that’s the beauty of what makes it so personal.

For ill-health sufferers they may wish to record their level of fatigue, those whose income fluctuates daily could record that or you could simply record the number of times you laughed each day.

Above is an example of how the traditional temperature blanket is decided, just change the colours & criteria to suit your own project. It is a fantastic way to use up odd balls of yarn as well as providing a solid record of your yearly journey.

I personally like the idea of a motivational one, each day I would strive to do that little bit more so I could change the colour of yarn for that day. I would also be interested to note the days where I achieved less and perhaps identify a pattern (excuse the pun). Ultimately I would have a warm and cosy blanket in colours of my choosing by the end of the 365 days (366 this year) – and you can’t beat that !!

Let us know if we have inspired you to give it a go,

Much Love

Sharon x


A New Year …

New Year, New Me?  

Hmmm … I quite like the current me actually, although I do concede perhaps I could do with a few tweaks.

Namely to address my extraordinary talent for falling down the rabbit holes Instagram , Facebook and such lay at my feet (well, fingertips really). This is were I really excel, whole hours lost to the wonder of Pinterest boards, losing focus on tv shows being watched (there is a particular episode of Midsomer Murders that I have seen maybe 5 times but never in it’s entirety, whoops!) and the ultimate sin of having a family phone conversation where you are asked what you think… and realise you have been distracted by Ravelry and so have no idea how to respond to said question (it’s only happened twice but still, the shame !).

It’s not just that I lose valuable time being distracted by all the glorious designs & concepts online but I started to doubt my own level of capabilities.  When I give thought and consideration to my next project then view all the outrageously beautiful options others have achieved I feel despondent that my efforts will not meet that level.  I also realised my own creative thoughts & ideas were being reduced to smouldering embers by believing I could not produce any original ideas.

My monthly plan for January

All of this resulted in a significant increase of procrastination.  In other words, I spent so long viewing what I wanted to make rather than actually doing it.  So this year I have resolved to only actively seek out inspiration when I am looking for a new project.  Obviously in my day job I need to be aware of current trends and ideas, this I can happily do as I advance through my daily schedule, so have no fear, the Knitters Attic will still be bringing you up to date designs and yarns.

The other tweak I shall be introducing is knowing when to accept frogging is the only solution to a project. Whether it be the yarn did not behave as I envisaged, the gauge is off or suddenly I really, really can’t stand the shade of purple I was using for a new hat.  I have given myself permission to undo the project and save the yarn for something else (maybe not that purple though !!).

In theory this should enable me to post about my many finished makes this year – there, I’ve said it aloud, so I now have umpteen people avidly waiting for my continuous flow of finished projects … Eek !!

Perhaps you will allow a small amount of poetic licence and I showcase some of the Knitters Attic team’s projects too? Indeed one of us here is embarking on the Ipsa Blanket CAL – if you haven’t seen it then all the details are here –


Isn’t it stunning? It is Tunisian Crochet (something that is becoming a huge trend right now). The designer Arunima Goel is releasing the hexagon patterns over the year, she provides YouTube videos or you can complete her Tunisian-in-the-round crochet course to help you. 

Our team member is using Symfonie Yarns Terra 4ply for the CAL, it is the softest yarn and is available in some outstanding colourways, here are 4 of our favourites – 

You will need a double ended Tunisian Crochet Hook (we have very nearly sold out but more are winging their way to us as I type, message me or call if you would like to reserve one). The hexagon patterns themselves are FREE each week, just sign up to the designers newsletter to receive info when each one is released.

In other news, progress is being made on my latest pair of socks. I found the Opal 4ply ‘Charlie’ colourway a tad too bright for my tastes , so I combined it with a cream solid yarn and am over the moon with how it looks.

Opal 4Ply ‘Charlie’ combined with Opal solid cream


Well, with that all currently floating around my mind I should leave you there and move forwards by picking up my current WIP for a cheeky hour’s knitting. I hope you all have a wonderful 2024 and remember we all carry great potential – just remember to stop for a moment and allow it to surface.

Much Love

Sharon x

Giveaway Time …


Day 9 of our Advent Calendar promises you a chance to win our Giveaway – A £20 Voucher to spend at The Knitters Attic !!

To enter just comment below telling us your favourite yarn you choose to knit/crochet with – click on “Comments” to leave your answer.

The winner will be chosen by a random generator and we will post the winners name on here tomorrow. You have until midnight tonight (9th December UK time) to enter.

Good Luck !

There’s still time to handmake something for the Holidays …

At the busiest time of year all your good intentions to knit/crochet/sew/bake etc can often get lost in your frantic schedule. So we took a look at Drops Design website and found a few of our favourite quick patterns that you might be able to squeeze in.

First up is Christmas Blossoms, beautifully crocheted baubles to complement your decorations

Next to that is another FREE pattern – Enchanted Mushrooms. you can make these in any colour you wish to blend with your current tree theme. Just click on any of the images and it will take you to the FREE patterns.


Then we have Holly napkin rings to add a touch of sophistication to your dining table and finally for a bit of fun… a ‘Merrier Christmas’ wine bag cover.  It would certainly provide a talking point and hide any wine bags of 2L-3L.

I am rather taken with the Holly Napkin rings and shall settle down this evening to an hour or 2 of crocheting, with the old christmas songs I favour playing in the background. Sometimes in the madness of the lead up to the holidays you just need to quiet your mind for a little while !

much Love

Sharon xx

The Advent Calendar …

Well, it’s Day 1 of our Advent Calendar, it’s 9am … and the response has been phenomenal already !! I am so happy to be able to introduce a little fun into your days this month.

Click on each door on the appropriate day to reveal a surprise. No need to register or sign-up, this is not a ‘marketing tool’, we don’t save your data or record your visit, it’s just a little bit of fun !! My way of showing appreciation for all the incredible support our customers have shown us. Without you all keeping me super busy I think I would have spiraled into despair dealing with the aftermath of the flooding. Instead I am waking up full of enthusiasm to keep going and be the best we can.

I am ridiculously excited with the plans forming for the ‘NEW’ shop (more so than I am for the house according to my husband !!). I have longed for a proper classroom, more display units, and a bigger stockroom, all of which are in the early stages of fruition.

Well I shall not ramble on any longer, enjoy the 1st day of December & don’t forget to pop back each day for a new surprise.

Much Love

Sharon xx

… and breathe !

As most of you will know by now, we were one of the unlucky ones who suffered flooding a little while ago. The house and shop were under inches & inches of water, along with another property we have about 5 miles away (how are unlucky were we? Over 200 properties in Suffolk were flooded and 2 were ours) Actually we consider ourselves very lucky compared to some folks who suffered much worse damage.

So the Shop here in Bredfield is closed until further notice ( NFU insurers are working hard to come up with a temporary solution while the shop will be refitted) but we are still operating with online orders.  Our stockroom did get marginally breached, damaged stock was immediately disposed of and all the unaffected stock was immediately moved to a new storage facility.

So that’s where we are … soldiering on, living out of Pods on our lawn and making the best of this ‘adventure’. We declined hotel accommodation as we have Owls and Goats that need us on site etc. So if you spot a slightly crazed-looking woman splodging around in her wellies do give me a wave. Cooking in the Kitchen Pod is an eye-opener, I’ve never cooked with a gas hob before … Eeek !! 

Moving on to more pleasant subjects – We have NEW Yarns in (they were ordered before the flooding). King Cole offers a beautiful sock yarn called Norse 4ply. It has an unusual self-striping pattern which allows for great creativity when knitting your socks.

View all Norse 4ply here

Not only new yarns but a new brand to us – Rico Design. From Creative Melange Wonderball Aran to Ricorumi you will find exciting new yarns to try. There are corresponding patterns available too and if your visit Rico Design’s website you will discover small FREE project patterns for you to try the Ricorumi yarns with.

All this new crochet yarn had me reaching for my hooks and I found myself wondering why I prefer some hooks (and needles) over others depending on what project I’m working on.

Years ago I happily knitted everything on the metal Pony needles – today I’m inclined to look at my yarn and ponder what it prefers to be used with. I am not, by any means, a hook/needle snob – the right one for the job is all that matters to me. For example over the years I have discovered I prefer to knit my larger garments on short tipped, corded interchangeable needles. the weight of the sweater is distributed more evenly and is less painful for my wrists.

If I’m knitting a lace pattern I prefer longer sharper metal tips. For socks I use 2 different types of needles – the addicrasytrio for the toes and heels but the 9″ mini-circulars for the foot & leg. I also prefer bamboo needles for sock yarn. It makes me wonder how previous generations managed with just bakelite needles and wooden dpns? We are certainly spoiled for choice these days. That’s why I can never recommend just one brand or one type of hook or needle.

Crochet Hooks have various grips, are usually wood, metal or plastic and vary in length. I thought I was a dedicated wooden hook user until I tried the KnitPro Gold SoftTouch Hooks.They are a joy to use and feel so comfortable in my hand.

In other news, there are a few brands we have decided not to continue stocking. We are in the process of a huge stocktake and in the coming weeks I shall being holding a MEGA Sale of these yarns. Scheepjes is one of the brands I’m letting go, as is Bernat and Regia – There will be more !!  Which means I will have room for all the lovely NEW brands I’m bringing in – I won’t spoil the surprise and tell you just yet though.

Sadly we shall have to miss out on our yummy Hot Chocolate Bar in the shop this year. I do so look forward to the beginning of December purely for that. I’m not at all convinced sipping marshmallow-laden hot chocolate in a Pod on my lawn will have the same degree of pleasure ! Thankfully my youngest daughter will be hosting us for Christmas so there are good times ahead to look forward to.

Just one more thing to add (and the most important), I really need to tell you how much the love and support you have all shown has made this difficult time so much more bearable. I have been moved to tears by your concerns, offers to help & unwavering support. I find it hard to use the term ‘customers’ when in actuality the word ‘friends’ is far more appropriate. So Thank You, from the bottom of my heart, you are amazing and I’m grateful to everyone of you. 

Keep the Knitting/Crocheting going !!


Much Love

Sharon xx

Evening Classes

I have been wanting to offer Evening Classes for sometime now and a quick poll of subjects revealed learning to knit socks as the winner.  So over a course of 6 weeks we shall be learning and producing a perfect sock (maybe even a pair).

I shall take you through everything from choosing yarn and needles (there are so many different options), the different types of heel & toe styles and how to execute the perfectly knitted sock.

You can bring your own yarn if you already have a favourite you’re keen to use or you can purchase yarn here at the beginning of the class (maybe arrive 10 minutes early if you want time to choose). We shall also be offering special ‘The Sock Flock’ kits – comprising of a ‘Sock Flock’ zipped bag, 100g sock yarn, dpns, mini-circular needle & stitch markers.


Everyone will be using our very own tried & tested  Sock pattern. Each row of the pattern has been written out individually and there is space for you to add notes or check off each row as you go, so you will never be wondering exactly where you are up to (see image of example pattern below). If you are brand new to sock knitting it can become confusing working on just one half of the sock for the gusset/heel/heel flap. The best advice I can ever give is work the pattern AND trust the process. Of course I am there with you every step of the way to help you and show you the methods used.

Just to note I do  plan on offering a further evening to Evening Classes Socks in a few weeks for those who cannot attend on a Thursday. I shall also be offering  Advanced Sock Evening Classes and  Brioche Cowl Evening Classes very soon, just need to fix the dates and then I will announce the details.

I am super excited about these Evening Classes, I love the thought of a regular class that allows us to meet & progress together, hence I have named the class as a whole as ‘The Sock Flock’. Don’t forget there will be Tea & Cake too !!

Can’t wait to see you all,

Much love

Sharon x


East Anglian Yarn Crawl 2023

July & August are fabulous months for yarn enthusiasts within the East Anglia region.  There are 8 participating yarn shops this year and each one has unique properties to offer the discerning Yarn Crawler.

At Norfolk Yarn you will discover a gem of a Rowan Flagship Store, at Sconch you will be able to partake of refreshments at their cafe whilst eyeing up the glorious shades of every yarn colour possible. Venetia’s offers you gorgeous handdyed yarns, Diss wool shop has an incredible amount of beautiful knitted up samples to squish. Crafty Lasty can offer you some rock bottom prices on their imported Turkish Yarns and Yarn Worx stocks some exquisite high-end items such as Furls Crochet hooks. If you head to The Wool Patch you will find fabric alongside the yarn, and the infamous Lavenham Blue Yarn.  

Truly each and every shop has something different to discover. Those of you who have already visited us here at The Knitters Attic know our diverse yarn offerings, but did you know we have Knit Club, classes and Yarn Tasting Days?

Why not pop along to all the shops and get your passport stamped so you may enter the Grand Draw? 

I can promise you that you will receive a warm welcome.

Download your Yarn Crawler Passport here

Summer Wraps & Shawls

Summer Wraps & Shawls

Can anyone explain to me why I will happily spend the summer knitting on a Aran weight sweater? On the hottest days of the year, with sticky yarn and damp hands… and yet come the winter I never think to work on my summer wearable projects? Hence here I am in May frantically crocheting a summer wrap for these wonderful (but cooler) evenings?

I do have a few from years gone by but there’s a disquieting need for at least one new one each year. When the latest delivery of Malabrigo yarns arrived I was rather taken with their Ultimate Sock in the Caramel colourway,

There are many, MANY patterns on the Drops yarn website, find them here DROPS SHAWLS I chose Lisbon Tiles and adjusted my hook size to get gauge.


There is another favourite designer, a wonderfully talented lady called Elizabeth Williamson, who produces some of the most exquisite patterns I have ever seen.  I’m super fortunate enough to know Elizabeth and have seen her work – it blows my mind, it’s simply stunning !! You can take a look at her website here Elizabethwilliamsonknitting

Her pattern, Scordar, below is magnificent.  I plan to make one of these in the same colour as my outfit for the next wedding I’m attending – NOT white, don’t worry, but rather a tone on tone shade in perhaps raspberry? It will provide a most elegant look but i will have the added bonus of knowing I will be able to wear it over and over throughout future summers. The pattern next to it is another one I covet, called Tirl, click the image to take you to her website.

Of course it goes without saying you can use any fingering/sock/4ply yarn for summer wraps and shawls. DROPS Fabel is a hugely popular choice, as is Rowan’s Lace yarn and any KidSilk yarns. It doesn’t always have to be intricately patterned, garter stitch shawls are great to knit up whilst watching your favourite tv shows.

Well, I have Knit Club now so have to choose which project to work on for the next few hours, do feel free to come along on any Friday afternoon. We are a friendly bunch and love to meet new people – even if you are just here on holiday then come in and join along for a few hours of yarny bliss !

Ohhh… nearly forgot, keep an eye out for posts with details of our Knit in Public Day – not to give too much away but you will require a Big Stick (we will supply), it’s on Saturday 10th June so mark it down in your planners now.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Much love, Sharon xx



Knit Club !

So… Knit Club, what’s it all about you might wonder? Well, every Friday between 1 and 3pm a group of yarn enthusiasts congregate together to work on their projects, chat, make new friends and get support & advice. Oh and we drink Tea, lots of lovely cuppas !

The Knit Club is held here at the shop, everyone is welcome. It doesn’t matter if you are a brand new beginner or an expert fair-isle knitter, the idea is to bring together a small community of knitters & crocheters to provide  inspiration & help to each other.

Although it is held at The Knitters Attic shop there is no obligation whatsoever to purchase your supplies from us – we don’t mind where you get your yarn just as long as you get it and are enjoying the process of producing unique works of art.  To do so amongst like-minded people just increases the happiness levels !

Send us a message if you have any questions or feel anxious about joining, we are happy to help you take that first step. You can meet us prior to the Knit Club, or pop in for a few minutes to see if it’s what you’re looking for. We want everyone to feel relaxed and comfortable & to feel a part of our small yarn community.

Much Love , Sharon xx

King Cole Yarn Tasting Day !

King Cole Yarn Tasting Day here at The Knitters Attic Shop

Saturday 29th April is your chance to come along and ‘sample’ the delights of the many King Cole Yarns.  Working in conjunction with King Cole Yarns themselves, we have arranged a day for you to squish, knit, crochet & admire their yarns.  They have also generously provided Goody Bags for the first 10 customers purchasing King Cole Yarns to the value of £30 or more.  We, at the Knitters Attic, have added a few little items to the Goody bags too.

There will be knitted & crocheted samples, on loan from King Cole, for you to view and discover for yourselves how soft/durable/delicate the properties of the varying yarns are – after all, is there a better way to decide on a project than if you are familiar with the yarn itself? There will be sample cards of the yarns for you to take home with you if you prefer to ponder choices at leisure.

We have the new King Cole Linendale, the new Finesse (composition includes Silk !!) and the new Acorn Aran, Cotton Top and Nordic Chunky yarns for you to look at. The Linendale has been much admired and sought after so do pop along and find out for yourself why we are continually having to restock.

We start the yarn tasting day at 10am, there will be cakes with tea & coffee for you to enjoy.  All customers names will be added to a hat and at the end of the day(after 4pm) a randomly-drawn name will WIN a jumpers worth of King Cole Forest Aran yarn. Hope to see you all there !!

Much Love, Sharon xx

Late to The Party …

Late to The Party …

Firstly, my apologies for the lengthy gap between this and my last Blog post.  You know how it goes, Life presents you with a series of Events that have you lurching from one crisis to the next – when you come out the other side you take stock and realise that you have let so many important things fall by the wayside. Never fear, all is restored to good order and I’m back in the fold.

Now, you may recall back in January that I announced this was The Year I was going to be true to myself, yes? I have done much work on myself to achieve a very pleasing result. The Knitters Attic has undergone a new working model and is proving to reap the benefits of all the hard work.  I make time to spend with family & friends too, it’s no longer all work and no play. 

Which leads me to my ‘down time’ – I’m an avid cook, crafter, homemaker etc but the one bandwagon I was too busy to jump on during Covid lockdown was that of…. Sourdough !! So, 3 years late to party I maybe but I finally decided to join in the trend (that and I really LOVE bread!!).

But wow – so much choice, so much advice, so much consternation, where to begin? In the absence of having a useful Sister (ahem, you know who you are) with a starter to share I accepted that I would have to start from scratch. Now, apparently the very 1st decision to be made is to name your Starter – trust me this is as difficult as trying to name a child or pet, gulp ! I veered, for a while, between Mabel and Margot but ultimately decided Margot would probably laze around in the jar and spoil, whilst Mabel would work extra hard and I would end up with nothing but air bubbles. Finally I decided on Gertie as a name. A name which I later recollected I had previously chosen for my starter when I toyed with the idea 30 years ago.

Anyway, as of this morning Gertie is now the latest addition to the household. She will be petted, fussed over and mollycoddled and then most likely hissed at and thrown in the fridge to be ignored. Where she will flourish and bloom no doubt !! That’s the standard behaviour I gleaned from the 342 blogs I have read on the subject. I’ve also discovered that sourdough can be painted, with gel food colouring. Sadly I am not going to give Picasso a run for his money in the artistic department but as the dough bakes it does soften/blend the drawn lines so I’m optimistic. I will post my efforts, fail or success. That’s someway off though, feeding the starter for at least a week and then producing the loaf leaves my knees trembling in trepidation.  I have read so many times that the starter is ‘Live’ hence carrying a name – please sourdough-starter-guardians look kindly on me !!

Not much yarn news this time, unless you count the quiet reflection time I’m achieving by sitting knitting and observing my starter dough on the shelf. It is astounding how much knitting I get done now I no longer worry about knitting anywhere.  My father had a further recent hospital admission, from the hours spent in the ambulance, a&e, then the admission ward (plus all the further visiting times on another ward) I almost achieved an entire sweater. I cannot praise everyone enough, from the paramedics to the nurses, for their commitment to getting dad back up on his feet and back home, so very grateful to all our NHS.

Unsurprisingly I have nothing to report with regards to the starter dough yet, will keep you up to date soon. 

Much Love Sharon xx

Over 4000 different colours of Yarn in our shop !

Did you know … we have over 4000 different colours of Yarn in our shop !

I’m going against all my principles today and am working on a Sunday. We are in the process of implementing an all-singing, all-dancing POS system. Which is fantastic but oh boy, is it a lot of work!! For the majority of The Knitters Attic’s existence our online sales exceeded our shop sales and we had set up our system with this in mind. These days it’s very much not the case, so to provide a smoother service we have taken the plunge to install a complete new system, rather than just add to our existing one. We have got the next 3 solid days to achieve this; I’m optimistic but please bear with us this week if you visit and find a little upheaval.


Knitting-wise I’m romping away on socks, a blanket and samples for the shop. I have a wish-to-knit list as long as my arm … so why am I suddenly so taken with this crochet cardigan, Abigail by Emma Wright? It’s crocheted up in Rowan Alpaca Soft DK in the image below but any DK yarn would work just as beautifully. It is rather stunning … and it has pockets!

In other news, once the POS system is in place and order has been restored I shall be extending The Knitters Attic shop opening times, increasing by a day, Tuesdays. The hours 10-4 remain the same but that’s 5 glorious days for you to pop along, have a look, partake of a coffee and sit & decide your colour choices. With over 4000 colour options on display, in varying weights, nobody should be hurried to choose. Take your time, compare, look at them in daylight, feel their softness (or lack of, you know who you are Sale Yarns!)

The POS chaps have arrived so I must leave you here. I figure if I ply (pun intended!) them with coffee & a danish every hour, they will forgive any shortcomings they find whilst setting it all up.

Just to end on a fun note, how cute is this Grumpy Owl? The pattern is free on @gwilami‘s Instagram page. 

Much Love, Sharon xx

Do You Knit/Crochet in Public?

Knitting or Crocheting in Public?

Is this something you do regularly? I know I certainly do.  With the last year and a half being filled with medical appointments, at first for my late mother and then throughout 2022 to date for my father, I have become very practised at maximizing my knitting time.  I have learnt to not attempt complicated patterns for the constant interest expressed by people around me means I can only concentrate on simple stockinette stitch.

It does mean I have an excessively large collection of just 1 sock of a pair knitted though. If I’m out knitting and reach the toe & am ready for Kitchener stitch I put it to one side to complete when I get home … and start another sock whilst I am still out. Thinking about it, the obvious answer would be to split my 100g ball of sock yarn into two before I commence any knitting.

This Ball Winder in Rosewood from Lykke would make the task a cinch !!

I wish I could recall how many people have stopped to ask me what I am working on, then regale me with their tales of their knitting in days gone by.  When I explain how much the yarn industry has progressed, the new soft yarns, the warm wooden needles, the sheer volume of forums and groups eagerly willing to help and advise fellow knitters – well, I can literally see their curiosity & interest unfurl. Sending them off to peruse Instagram, Ravelry or Facebook with a stark warning of the rabbit hole they are about to fall into is necessary too.

Many a lapsed knitter has popped into our shop within a few days and rekindled their love for expressing their creativity with yarn. As I repeat over and over, there are no rules (except maybe tension).  Fancy a red hat in aran but pattern says to use DK? I can advise on needle or hook sizing, fabric drape etc and between us we can fulfil your wishes. Experimenting with yarn choices is liberating.

Anyway, back to knitting in public – this years National Knit In Public Day is Saturday 10th June.  As our shop is tucked around the back of the property here we gather en masse and take over the front garden of the property.  I am sure many a motorist returned home muttering about the bizarre sight of a large group of knitters after they passed by. You can hear it now ” It was witchcraft I tell you, Mildred!! ” 😉

We do truly have the loveliest of days, you are very welcome to come along and join in, bring a picnic lunch and stay all day ! (there’s always teas and coffees on the go).

Wherever you knit or crochet, just enjoy it !!

Love Sharon xx

Hello 2023 !

Hello and Welcome to 2023 !

Another year commences…. and this year I am NOT full of resolutions and promises. I have finally realised my  gloriously chaotic life is just perfect for me.  I have no doubt I will end this year with just as many WIP’s as I did in 2022.  I will still have my To-Do list flourishing in my To-Do box. My grasshopper mind will leap from one new idea to another, some completed &  some languishing in the ‘when I have time pile’ – and you know what? That’s just fine and dandy with me.

This year I will not bow down to fashion or age restrictions, if I love it I’m going to make it (and wear it with pride). I’m a huge admirer of Zandra Rhodes, Kaffe Fassett and the late (and sorely missed) Vivienne Westwood – this is where my tastes lie and this year is when I shall allow my true spirit to emerge. I shall not be asking forgiveness for my colour-clashing ensembles, nor defending my penchant for long flowing skirts all year round.

Okay… so that felt so good saying it out aloud but will I be able to carry it through? I hope so, I need to be me and not apologise for it.

Ironically I have just realised that stating I’m not making resolutions but rather am just going to be me, is in fact a resolution in itself, whoops !


I’m not planning to learn to knit faster, or exclusively knit with natural yarns only. I’m not committing to using only yarn from my stash either … I’m going to knit (and crochet) what I want, when I want and at a speed that I enjoy. Perhaps I will not touch my knitting for a week because I have an overwhelming desire to spend time mastering Macarons or dig & plant beds of Tulips. By the same token I shall be the one sitting outside a café in Paris, knitting in public with a gleeful smile on my face.

In other words, I will be slowing down slightly and enjoying the journey, not always trying to finish the race and  I will be living my Very Best Life every single day !!

So whether you are a natural organiser, a dedicated list follower or a free spirit – You Do You !!

What makes you beam with happiness, what inspires you and what moves you, just do it. Take every chance you are offered to give your life a boost. If it’s yarn related then come and see us, we can teach you to knit, crochet, drop-spindle, dye yarn and more. Obviously selling yarn is one of our main objectives but it is not solely our reason for being here. We want everyone to feel thrilled with their craftmaking, we want to see excitement in anticipation of your next project and we LOVE to see those shy-but-proud-smiles when you show us your finished works.

Keep an eye out for our forthcoming classes, groups and one-off special activities.  Being part of the yarn community is so much fun, everything from evening clubs to summer knitting picnics will be offered this year.

Much love, Sharon xx

Holiday Opening Hours…

Holiday Opening Hours..

Just a quick note about the forthcoming holiday opening hours – our shop will be open on Christmas Eve until 12 noon, we shall then be closed until 4th January.

We have had the most loveliest of years thanks to our wonderful customers and friends of The Knitters Attic. You have all shown phenomenal support, after sadly losing my mother earlier this year and having a very poorly father to worry about too. It has been almost magical to get through the year with such love & understanding.  The new classes have been very well received and we have some seriously exciting news to impart in the New Year with regard to the next ones (pretty sure you’ll love them !).  Thanks to you our sales have gone from strength to strength, despite certain delivery companies doing their best to thwart us.  We’ve read so many reports of other businesses being hounded by customers for late/non-existent deliveries but on the few occasions it has happened to us we have had nothing but the most wonderfully understanding customers. It sounds clichéd when we say this but it truly does make us so glad to be working in the knitting/crochet world. There’s no better customers in the world in our opinion !!



We quickly want to add that should you be local and in dire need of replacement needles or run out of yarn for your current project etc (whilst our shop is closed)  then give us a call. We can arrange payment and leave your items to be collected in our safe place.

All that’s left is for us to wish you all a very merry Holiday Season & a Happy New Year … have fun and keep safe !

Although we will be closed in our bricks and mortar shop until 4th January you can still order online and we shall be sending out your orders as they come in. I intend to take a few days to myself, to relax and enjoy with family, then I will be back in my office planning for next year.  Quite a bit has been put in place already but I feel I would like to increase the social interaction and the wellbeing benefits of groups of knitters/crocheters. Perhaps on a simpler, less time consuming basis for them, shorter classes, one-off yarn socials for example. A couple of years ago we held a Knit-in-Public-Day here, it was so much fun and a refreshing take on a knit & natter group.  So keep an eye out for what’s coming up in future post & newsletters.



Much love,  Sharon xx

Half Price on ALL Rowan Yarns Today !

Half price on ALL Rowan yarns Today? … Don’t mind if I do!!!

What an absolutely cracking day we had yesterday – it was wonderful to see so many old friends (and new) in the shop, snapping up the Rowan 50% Off Yarns. The online orders poured in too, we are just so happy we found a way to thank our terrific customers for their loyalty & support this year. Knowing that so many are now about to commence with a project they have been dreaming of left us full of bonhomie & good cheer. We have been working through the evening packing the orders to get them to you as soon as possible.

If you wish to take advantage of these wickedly-low prices then just use code THANKYOU50 at checkout.

The image above shows the Oslo Hat by Petiteknit (an incredibly talented designer, all her patterns are available on Ravelry, it’s really worth taking a look at them). To knit a similar one we suggest using 1 strand of Rowan Alpaca Soft & 1 strand of Rowan Kidsilk Haze

Of course there are many colour options and many of the Rowan yarns will knit up beautifully with the Kidsilk Haze, you may need to increase/decrease a needle size but as long as your gauge matches the pattern it will be fine. With the 2 yarns mentioned above we would suggest commencing with 3.5mm needles and making your tension square first.

As the Rowan 50% OFF discount is valid until midnight Sunday you still have a whole 24 hours to find your perfect colour choice. Knitting a hat will involve using dpns or a circular needle as you reach the crown of the hat.  If you are unsure of anything please do give us a call/email/message and we can certainly help.

Wishing you all a delightful Sunday, with plenty of time for your knitting & crochet.

Love Sharon xx

‘Tis the Season …

‘Tis the season to be jolly … and ‘tis also the season for late-night knitting & loud proclamations of “I’ll never get it finished in time!”
Why do we do it to ourselves? Spurred on by the thought of happy beaming faces unwrapping a oh-so-complicated fair isle sweater or one’s entire family decked out in matching hat & gloves – we are all guilty of overreaching ourselves at this time of year. Who hasn’t handed over a partially finished project with apologies and a firm promise to not eat or sleep until we have completed it? It is shameful to admit but as a yarn shop owner I do not possess a ‘Christmas Jumper’ simply because I only have the desire to knit one in the exact same season I’m knee deep in gift knitting. 


Last year I knitted everyone scarves, heavily patterned texture scarves, which were a huge hit. This year I have spent more time worrying about how to top that than I have knitting – a victim of my own success! I had, foolishly, thought I could knit everyone socks this year (note to self start knitting those in January next time). 

Thanks to Royal Mail it has been an incredibly stressful run up to Christmas this year. So many parcels are taking so long to get to their recipients, a couple have even disappeared in transit – I use tracking for my packages, can you imagine the anguish of discovering the parcel has ‘disappeared’ at the local sorting office 2 miles away? And they blatantly ignore my request to be allowed to ransack the sorting office and find my missing parcels myself … completely unfathomable! (I am kidding but a part of me believes I would find it every time if allowed). So my apologies to my lovely patient customers who are no doubt as frustrated as I am.

A large delivery this week left me feeling bereft – every year for 10 years I have gifted my mother the latest knitting needle gift set. As most of you know I sadly lost my mother earlier this year. Each December I would have the immense pleasure of her oohing & ahhing over the latest edition (more often than not earlier than the 25th as she was thrilled to use them for last minute knitted gifts).
It’s the same for our Boxing Day Cast on, instigated by my mother we would all have great fun choosing our yarns & pattern prior to the day, then get together to all cast on at once. It’s too painful to replicate this year so we have switched things up and will be having our own version of it on Christmas Eve. I’m still looking for THE pattern, you know the one that takes your breath away and you MUST knit ? Any ideas anyone ?
One thing’s for sure, I won’t be getting my pattern from my local craft superstore – popped in there with my sister yesterday, was happily browsing the art section when I overheard my sister extolling the virtues of my yarn shop … to the shop assistant!!! The same shop assistant that works in the craft superstore that we are actually standing in, that sells yarn (gulp). Cue me slinking out the door wondering if I should just leave her in the car next time!

Sharon x

Everyone deserves great knitting needles …

Everyone deserves great needles…

I realise that I am always extolling the virtues of this or that yarn but fail to mention the actual knitting needles. Finding a knitting needle that suits your style of knitting is an absolute must.  Every knitter is different, from the way we knit to our physical capabilities. Now, we all know there is no such thing as Knitting Police, simply because there are no rules in knitting.  I had an aunt who knitted Irish Cottage style, one needle tucked under her arm – boy, was she a fast knitter! My sister is a  English Thrower, despite learning & mastering Continental style, she just doesn’t enjoy it as much and for her the project is a journey not a race. So both of these relatives needed different needles, my aunt required long straight ones but my sister prefers circulars.  She would rather not have the weight of the project on her needles but rather on the cable between the points. She also prefers wooden ones so the Knitpro Symfonie Needles are her go-to choice.

Another favourite choice by one of my nieces’ is the Knitpro Zing needles. Really cheerful and vibrant these interchangeable needles are fun to use, warm to touch  and lightweight. All you need to do is choose your needle tip size (each size is a different colour) and the appropriate cable length for your project and you’re all set. You can knit back and forth on these needles but they are mainly used for knitting in-the-round. You could, like the previously mentioned sister does, convert any knitting pattern to in-the-round knitting, up to the point of underarms (unless you’re brave and fancy trying Steeking) – sister detests purling so much !! 

The needle options are vast – aluminium, bamboo, plastic, wood, brass etc. There are square needles, Knitpro offer a range called Cubics, in wood and brass, these are designed to help with hand & wrist fatigue. I  have many customers who were about to give up knitting until I told them about these, now they can continue to knit and enjoy their craft.

One more needle I must mention is the Smartstix needles.  These have markings of 2cm increments, on the needle tips and the cables.  Marked with a laser these are not going to rub off. Oh and did you know you can get 24k gold -plated needles?

So, there are many many needle options for you, ideally have a think about your preferences for the material they are made from, then consider your knitting style and perhaps if you require a design to aid tired hands.  The majority of the needles are available in pairs, I would definitely recommend trying one pair before investing in a complete set of them, or you try a Comby Sampler set that offers 3 different types in one set. If you are local, or visiting, why not pop in our shop and ask to try a few different ones, we are always happy to help you find your perfect pair.


Well, I’m off to knit on my socks (did you know there are dedicated sock needles now, mini cable one and trio sets as well as traditional DPNS). I’m taking part in the November Knitting Challenge for Dementia UK and aim to knit for at least 30 minutes every day in November.  You would not believe how hard it is for a yarn shop owner to find time to knit!

Sharon x


Support your LYS

Support your LYS

For those wonderful knitters & crocheters who seek out independent Yarn Shops …We Thank You from the bottom of our hearts. Whether you purchase online or visit our bricks & mortar stores we are forever grateful for your patronage. 
As a yarn shop owner myself I understand the sheer amount of toil involved in providing shelf after shelf of squishy, soft & beautiful yarns, the late nights stocktaking and the pressure of keeping up with trends.

The upside (and what makes it all worthwhile) is the absolute joy on customers faces when they pop in with their finished project, or send us photos of the recipient wearing their labour of love. Seeing a new knitter master increasing/decreasing is pretty awesome too.

Sadly you cannot live on happiness alone, your local yarn shop has to flourish in order to continue providing a service. Whilst I’m very happy to exchange unused balls  of yarn bought from my shop, I’m not overjoyed to have to refuse to exchange yarn (clearly bought from eBay, that I don’t actually stock). Yes, that has happened!


Fellow yarnies, your LYS doesn’t just sell yarn, when you buy from us you are also getting a service. Help with a pattern, picking up dropped stitches, yarn substitution…all of these are what makes shopping at independent yarn shops a real pleasure. We don’t just sell you the yarn, we commit to you as a customer, as a friend. We are here to help, to share, to enable you to complete your project. Personally I will happily spend time sourcing you that odd ball of yarn you need to finish your shawl or seek out a discontinued skein to complete your sweater. I have a wonderful rapport with like-minded LYS and we will all go that extra mile.

When the time comes to think about your next project give your LYS a call or pop in. We have knowledge of which yarns will be on sale soon, which are being discontinued, which ones are handwash only – in the long run we can save you time or money or heartache. We can recommend yarn substitutions, show you how circular needles remove the weight from your knitting, find you the right crochet hook for your grip. All these little things can add so much to the pleasure of creating with yarn. Support your LYS, keep us going and we will be there for you when you need us.


Join your local Knit & Natter groups, I was amazed to discover so many in our area-  weekends & evenings sessions prosper too. Check out your local library, or your local pub as well as the yarn shop’s own knitting/crochet groups. These groups can only continue with your presence.  Can there be anything nicer than working on your latest WIP with Friends & Tea & Cake? 

Sharon x

Yarns for all pockets …

Yarns for all pockets …

Here at The Knitters Attic we only stock yarns that we have personally tried and tested.  We are approached regularly to stock other yarns, we request samples (some paid, some complimentary) and our merry band of volunteers knit or crochet with them.  We have a standard checklist for the user to complete and  combined with other factors such as price, availability etc we determine the new yarns we wish to carry.  Let’s be honest, very few people wish to buy 50g of yarn at the steep price of £30 nor become frustrated when we cannot get further supplies when you find one you adore.

Incidentally check out our prices for Rowan Felted Tweed, we have yet to see them lower elsewhere





We aim to have a wide price range, a wide range of fibres to choose from and an even wider range of colours. Occasionally we will come across an almost exact replica of a current yarn but at a considerably lower price. This occurred with DROPS Soft Tweed – composition wise its an exact match to Rowan Felted Tweed. Both consist of 50% wool / 25% alpaca / 25% viscose & similar tension when using 4mm needles. The Rowan yarn is priced at £6.95 per ball and The DROPS Soft Tweed is £3.85 per ball.

Looks like a no-brainer yes? Except that the Rowan option offers 175m per ball versus 130m for the DROPS option – a 45m difference.  Over 5 balls of Rowan (875m) you would need 7 balls of Drops for that length, that equates to the Rowan being approximately £7.80 more expensive. However, Rowan Felted Tweed is available in 57 colour choices, DROPS Soft Tweed currently has a mere 18 colour options. There is no clear winner in regards to which one is the obvious yarn to stock…so we carry both ! What we can firmly say is BOTH are fabulous yarns to knit or crochet with and we have never had issues with either DROPS or Rowan yarn, making these brands a solid choice.

Sharon x

Let’s make it all about ME !

Getting to know me …

I have only just realised that I have failed to introduce myself on this blog. I’m Sharon, the yarn fanatic behind The Knitters Attic… and I get to play with Yarn all day, every day (a dream come true). Married with 2 daughters, 5 month old Barnaby (the naughtiest Cockerpoo ever), Atticus (the laziest cat ever), a further menagerie of pets, goats & owls included, and I’m a secret lifelong David Essex fan… sssh!! Although a knitter & crocheter since childhood I actually trained as a Radiographer. A job I adored & have great memories of my time at Ipswich Hospital. Two children arrived and I retrained as a Montessori Teacher, then as the children became older I switched to Accounting. About 8 years ago I decided that I would love to spend the rest of my life knee-deep in yarn!! The Knitters Attic was borne and it’s been my pride & joy ever since.

The first thing I tell my customers is “There is only 1 ball/skein of each yarn stocked on display” in the shop (I would need a small aircraft hangar to be able to have all the stock out on display). I have 3 stockrooms bursting with stock on the premises, all are electronically managed for ease of use.

Getting to work with yarns all day is so much fun, helping customers is even better – knowing I am encouraging people to create works of art (which they are) & explore their creativity is so rewarding. Helping with dropped stitches, explaining new methods and introducing new fibres are just some of the tasks that make the long hours and physical hard work worthwhile (trust me, when 4 pallets are delivered, stacked with 120kg of yarn each, you know you’re getting a workout today)

Hmm… what else ? Oh, I currently have 9 WIPs (eek) and yet also the urge to start a new jumper, one that will allow me to use up all my leftover balls of Kid-silk yarn, will post about that soon. I love the colour Hot Pink but tend to choose vintage muted colours for myself, I’m better at knitting than crochet but I’m working on that. Hopefully I have given you a tiny insight into who I am but feel free to ask any questions if you want to know more, or you have any yarn related queries – the best part of my job is spreading the sheer joy of creating wearable art from 2 sticks & the shearings of a sheep !!

Sharon x

Socks to knock your Socks Off !

Socks to knock your Socks Off!

Every Spring you will find me reaching for delicate pastel solid colour yarns to knit intricate lacey socks … and every Autumn I seize on intricate fair-isle patterns in rich golds, reds and greens. Except this year I simple do not have the time for fair-isle knitting. Following charts and remembering to catch my floats takes a focussed mind, between my immediate family, my yarn shop and caring as much as I can for my father I can honestly say my mind is far from focussed and spare time is short ! 
Spying the West Yorkshire Country Birds Yarns on my displays gave me encouragement to try the ‘ready-made-fair-isle’ yarn.

Well, I can only say that I was more than pleasantly surprised with the knitted  fabric it produced. As you can see, I’m not terribly far along with my sock but knowing I can pick up and knit and then put down mid-row has allowed me to snatch a literal minute or two here & there to work on it.

The needles I’m using are the Addi CrasyTrio set in bamboo. I love these needles so much – previously I have dallied with dpns and short circulars but these are the ones that alleviate my aching hands and ladders !! The trick to avoiding  ladders isn’t so much as to pull the yarn over-taut but rather hold your needles as close together as possible when you make the first couple of stitches. Once I started doing that my ladders disappeared !

Other colour options are available including Robin, Bullfinch & Owl


Sharon x

How DO they find the time???

How do they find the time???

This is the question I found myself asking over and over as autumn settled in and our customers were arriving with buttoned-up-to-bust-level coats showing stunning jumpers peaking through. Each one was more intricate than the next, with either colours or texture being the star.

Finally I plucked up the courage to ask the latest one  “How do you find the time to knit so many garments?” Imagine my surprise when I was rewarded with a burst of laughter and then my customer proudly unbuttoned her coat to reveal not a jumper but a neck warmer. My mind went into a spin … THIS was the perfect answer for busy gals like myself, who also feel the cold outside but melt indoors with central heating. 


A quick look amongst our patterns and online and I found a wealth of choice for neck warmers. From 4ply to Super Chunky there are options for everyone. It also gives an acceptable reason to finish a jumper halfway through !! Drops design has a lovely choice of designs, King Cole offers a few and the independent pattern designers take the design to new levels with colourwork and textured patterns.

You can use up leftover yarn or treat yourself to a few balls, whichever yarn weight you choose you will find a corresponding pattern.  We have Drops Alpaca yarns on 40% OFF at the moment, we also have some super bargains in our Sale section on our website. Luxurious Rowan yarns are favourable for warmth and durability, if you’re making a fair-isle version then you will want it to last for years.

Turn up your Creativity…

Turn up your Creativity

PetiteKnits has designed the very perfect hat pattern (click on main image to go to pattern).  In these images 2 yarns have been used (held double) to produce the softest, most luxurious looking hat imaginable.

Drops Kid-Silk has been used alongside Drops Flora or Drops Nord in the other images.  The combined yarns add texture, softness and warmth. Obviously other kid-silk and 4ply yarns can be used but given the sheer colour range of Drops yarns I think I could knit one for every day of the week and still be left eager to try more colour options.

Take a look at the yarns here (oh and there is 40% off Drops Nord and Drops Flora until 15th October).


The Magic of Combining Yarns

The Magic of Combining Yarns…

Although I have known for a long time that combining 2 different yarns was more than possible I was inclined to shy away from the idea, worried about getting gauge, will they wash well together etc. Well these past 2 weeks have dispelled any trepidation I may have had.

Firstly, Georgia Farrell’s new book, Textured Tweed Haze, shows us 6 beautiful patterns, using Rowans new yarn – Rowan have produced a hybrid of Felted Tweed and Kidsilk Haze, known as Tweed Haze. Available in 8 divine colours; I can see a lot of snuggly sweaters being whipped up in this chunky yarn this season. Tweed Haze  produces some of the most stunning knitted fabric I have ever seen.  My absolute favourite pattern from Georgia’s book is the Bamboo sweater, it just oozes comfort and softness.

For those that would prefer to choose the yarns to combine but perhaps feel slightly apprehensive to do so we have DROPS Design to the rescue. On their website they have over 120,000 FREE patterns.  Their latest Autumn/Winter offerings include this gorgeous Vest, knitted using Drops Air and Drops Brushed Alpaca Silk yarns.  All the thought and worry has been taken care of and you can confidently cast on using 1 strand of each yarn as per pattern instructions.

So when pondering your next project, think about how you want the knitted fabric finish to be: Hazy? – change the thickness of the main yard and add in a kidsilk or mohair yarn. Sparkly? – again change yarn thickness to a lighter weight and add in some of the fancier fashion yarns available. A heavy tweed yarn can be made to appear much lighter if used with a solid colour too, have fun & experiment! I would stress that making a gauge swatch is key to success, a tweak in needle size is often all that’s required.

Do please get in touch if you have any questions or need advice, we are here to help and there can NEVER be too many conversations about yarn for us!!

Sharon x

You are invited to the DROPS 40% Alpaca Party

Did you know that there is a ‘Party’ to which you are all invited?? Yes, that’s right, EVERYONE can enjoy the DROPS Alpaca Party and receive a 40% discount off all alpaca yarns (discount is automatically applied on our website) … and the offer runs until 15th October, so plenty of time for you to build your wish-list and snag those bargains.

I’m sure you are all familiar with DROPSDesign yarns, from garnstudio, they offer fantastic value for money and are produced from some wonderful fibres. Alpaca yarn is soft, warmer than wool and extremely durable. 100% alpaca yarn contains no lanolin so is ideal for sensitive skin. If it is blended with silk, such as the DROPS BabyAlpaca Silk yarn, then you have softness, strength and a glossy shine.

DROPSDesign also offer over 120,000 FREE knitting and crochet patterns. This seasons Autumn/Winter patterns have already been published on

I have personally used many of their yarns, Flora for Socks, Alpaca Boucle for Hats, Paris for summer cotton tops and Melody for the softest jacket imaginable. It handles beautifully and I find I rarely have to adjust my needle size to get gauge. This year I have my eye on the Evening Lakeside Vest, crocheted using DROPS Sky yarn.

It uses a 4mm hook so I will be wearing it in no time, over a crisp white shirt – layering is key to providing maximum warmth and this year is going to be the year to keep cosy and comfortable. There is even a free pattern for the Woodland Berry shorts, using DROPS Fabel yarn. I’ve heard a few comments about the extremely high waist on these shorts but it’s relatively simple to reduce the number of rows worked to provide a fit for your natural waistline. I can see myself wearing these under jeans or winter dresses in the colder weather. Not sure if it’s wisdom or just old age but what on earth was I thinking in my late teens, tottering out bare-legged without a coat in December, firmly denying I felt the cold??? The old adage is true… My Mother WAS right about everything !!

My final choice ( wishful thinking more than achievement I feel) is the Comfy Caramel Trousers. I truly do wish I had the time to sit and produce these, so very smart and elegant. They are actually knitted on 5mm needles but at a tad off being 6ft tall I fear I would have an awful lot of leg length to knit !!

Hopefully I have given you some inspiration to take a look at the incredible variety of patterns – I haven’t mentioned the babies and children’s ones, nor the Home accessories … it’s a rabbit hole that you will easily lose a few hours to !!

You are invited to the DROPS 40% Alpaca Party

Did you know that there is a ‘Party’ to which you are all invited?? Yes, [...]

New Stylecraft KAL Cablemagoria

This is where you will find all our featured products, news, offers and an insight to the shenanigans within The Knitters Attic !

Looking ahead to October we are excited to announce we will be running the Stylecraft KAL Cablemagoria (designed by Stuart Hillard) here at our shop. The pattern for this stunning blanket will be released in 5 parts, two weeks apart, commencing on 11th October. The immediate following Saturday (the15th) we invite you to join us for the Knitalong, you can seek help, show off your progress & chat with fellow knitters whilst you learn new techniques. We will continue with the KAL every other following Saturday. The yarn packs can be pre-ordered now, just get in touch by phone, email or message.

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