Everyone deserves great needles…

I realise that I am always extolling the virtues of this or that yarn but fail to mention the actual knitting needles. Finding a knitting needle that suits your style of knitting is an absolute must.  Every knitter is different, from the way we knit to our physical capabilities. Now, we all know there is no such thing as Knitting Police, simply because there are no rules in knitting.  I had an aunt who knitted Irish Cottage style, one needle tucked under her arm – boy, was she a fast knitter! My sister is a  English Thrower, despite learning & mastering Continental style, she just doesn’t enjoy it as much and for her the project is a journey not a race. So both of these relatives needed different needles, my aunt required long straight ones but my sister prefers circulars.  She would rather not have the weight of the project on her needles but rather on the cable between the points. She also prefers wooden ones so the Knitpro Symfonie Needles are her go-to choice.

Another favourite choice by one of my nieces’ is the Knitpro Zing needles. Really cheerful and vibrant these interchangeable needles are fun to use, warm to touch  and lightweight. All you need to do is choose your needle tip size (each size is a different colour) and the appropriate cable length for your project and you’re all set. You can knit back and forth on these needles but they are mainly used for knitting in-the-round. You could, like the previously mentioned sister does, convert any knitting pattern to in-the-round knitting, up to the point of underarms (unless you’re brave and fancy trying Steeking) – sister detests purling so much !! 

The needle options are vast – aluminium, bamboo, plastic, wood, brass etc. There are square needles, Knitpro offer a range called Cubics, in wood and brass, these are designed to help with hand & wrist fatigue. I  have many customers who were about to give up knitting until I told them about these, now they can continue to knit and enjoy their craft.

One more needle I must mention is the Smartstix needles.  These have markings of 2cm increments, on the needle tips and the cables.  Marked with a laser these are not going to rub off. Oh and did you know you can get 24k gold -plated needles?

So, there are many many needle options for you, ideally have a think about your preferences for the material they are made from, then consider your knitting style and perhaps if you require a design to aid tired hands.  The majority of the needles are available in pairs, I would definitely recommend trying one pair before investing in a complete set of them, or you try a Comby Sampler set that offers 3 different types in one set. If you are local, or visiting, why not pop in our shop and ask to try a few different ones, we are always happy to help you find your perfect pair.


Well, I’m off to knit on my socks (did you know there are dedicated sock needles now, mini cable one and trio sets as well as traditional DPNS). I’m taking part in the November Knitting Challenge for Dementia UK and aim to knit for at least 30 minutes every day in November.  You would not believe how hard it is for a yarn shop owner to find time to knit!

Sharon x


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