Socks to knock your Socks Off!

Every Spring you will find me reaching for delicate pastel solid colour yarns to knit intricate lacey socks … and every Autumn I seize on intricate fair-isle patterns in rich golds, reds and greens. Except this year I simple do not have the time for fair-isle knitting. Following charts and remembering to catch my floats takes a focussed mind, between my immediate family, my yarn shop and caring as much as I can for my father I can honestly say my mind is far from focussed and spare time is short ! 
Spying the West Yorkshire Country Birds Yarns on my displays gave me encouragement to try the ‘ready-made-fair-isle’ yarn.

Well, I can only say that I was more than pleasantly surprised with the knitted  fabric it produced. As you can see, I’m not terribly far along with my sock but knowing I can pick up and knit and then put down mid-row has allowed me to snatch a literal minute or two here & there to work on it.

The needles I’m using are the Addi CrasyTrio set in bamboo. I love these needles so much – previously I have dallied with dpns and short circulars but these are the ones that alleviate my aching hands and ladders !! The trick to avoiding  ladders isn’t so much as to pull the yarn over-taut but rather hold your needles as close together as possible when you make the first couple of stitches. Once I started doing that my ladders disappeared !

Other colour options are available including Robin, Bullfinch & Owl


Sharon x

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