Getting to know me …

I have only just realised that I have failed to introduce myself on this blog. I’m Sharon, the yarn fanatic behind The Knitters Attic… and I get to play with Yarn all day, every day (a dream come true). Married with 2 daughters, 5 month old Barnaby (the naughtiest Cockerpoo ever), Atticus (the laziest cat ever), a further menagerie of pets, goats & owls included, and I’m a secret lifelong David Essex fan… sssh!! Although a knitter & crocheter since childhood I actually trained as a Radiographer. A job I adored & have great memories of my time at Ipswich Hospital. Two children arrived and I retrained as a Montessori Teacher, then as the children became older I switched to Accounting. About 8 years ago I decided that I would love to spend the rest of my life knee-deep in yarn!! The Knitters Attic was borne and it’s been my pride & joy ever since.

The first thing I tell my customers is “There is only 1 ball/skein of each yarn stocked on display” in the shop (I would need a small aircraft hangar to be able to have all the stock out on display). I have 3 stockrooms bursting with stock on the premises, all are electronically managed for ease of use.

Getting to work with yarns all day is so much fun, helping customers is even better – knowing I am encouraging people to create works of art (which they are) & explore their creativity is so rewarding. Helping with dropped stitches, explaining new methods and introducing new fibres are just some of the tasks that make the long hours and physical hard work worthwhile (trust me, when 4 pallets are delivered, stacked with 120kg of yarn each, you know you’re getting a workout today)

Hmm… what else ? Oh, I currently have 9 WIPs (eek) and yet also the urge to start a new jumper, one that will allow me to use up all my leftover balls of Kid-silk yarn, will post about that soon. I love the colour Hot Pink but tend to choose vintage muted colours for myself, I’m better at knitting than crochet but I’m working on that. Hopefully I have given you a tiny insight into who I am but feel free to ask any questions if you want to know more, or you have any yarn related queries – the best part of my job is spreading the sheer joy of creating wearable art from 2 sticks & the shearings of a sheep !!

Sharon x

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