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Here at The Knitters Attic we only stock yarns that we have personally tried and tested.  We are approached regularly to stock other yarns, we request samples (some paid, some complimentary) and our merry band of volunteers knit or crochet with them.  We have a standard checklist for the user to complete and  combined with other factors such as price, availability etc we determine the new yarns we wish to carry.  Let’s be honest, very few people wish to buy 50g of yarn at the steep price of £30 nor become frustrated when we cannot get further supplies when you find one you adore.

Incidentally check out our prices for Rowan Felted Tweed, we have yet to see them lower elsewhere 






We aim to have a wide price range, a wide range of fibres to choose from and an even wider range of colours. Occasionally we will come across an almost exact replica of a current yarn but at a considerably lower price. This occurred with DROPS Soft Tweed – composition wise its an exact match to Rowan Felted Tweed. Both consist of 50% wool / 25% alpaca / 25% viscose & similar tension when using 4mm needles. The Rowan yarn is priced at £6.95 per ball and The DROPS Soft Tweed is £3.85 per ball.

Looks like a no-brainer yes? Except that the Rowan option offers 175m per ball versus 130m for the DROPS option – a 45m difference.  Over 5 balls of Rowan (875m) you would need 7 balls of Drops for that length, that equates to the Rowan being approximately £7.80 more expensive. However, Rowan Felted Tweed is available in 57 colour choices, DROPS Soft Tweed currently has a mere 18 colour options. There is no clear winner in regards to which one is the obvious yarn to stock…so we carry both ! What we can firmly say is BOTH are fabulous yarns to knit or crochet with and we have never had issues with either DROPS or Rowan yarn, making these brands a solid choice.

Sharon x

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  1. Ann Warner says:

    Very interesting post Sharon, when you consider the yardage, for a sweater quantity Rowan felted tweed would be my choice, but I have knitted with the Drops soft tweed and that is a excellent match but as you say less choice of colours. The price of your Rowan felted tweed can’t be beaten anywhere x

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