Holiday Opening Hours..

Just a quick note about the forthcoming holiday opening hours – our shop will be open on Christmas Eve until 12 noon, we shall then be closed until 4th January.

We have had the most loveliest of years thanks to our wonderful customers and friends of The Knitters Attic. You have all shown phenomenal support, after sadly losing my mother earlier this year and having a very poorly father to worry about too. It has been almost magical to get through the year with such love & understanding.  The new classes have been very well received and we have some seriously exciting news to impart in the New Year with regard to the next ones (pretty sure you’ll love them !).  Thanks to you our sales have gone from strength to strength, despite certain delivery companies doing their best to thwart us.  We’ve read so many reports of other businesses being hounded by customers for late/non-existent deliveries but on the few occasions it has happened to us we have had nothing but the most wonderfully understanding customers. It sounds clichéd when we say this but it truly does make us so glad to be working in the knitting/crochet world. There’s no better customers in the world in our opinion !!



We quickly want to add that should you be local and in dire need of replacement needles or run out of yarn for your current project etc (whilst our shop is closed)  then give us a call. We can arrange payment and leave your items to be collected in our safe place.

All that’s left is for us to wish you all a very merry Holiday Season & a Happy New Year … have fun and keep safe !

Although we will be closed in our bricks and mortar shop until 4th January you can still order online and we shall be sending out your orders as they come in. I intend to take a few days to myself, to relax and enjoy with family, then I will be back in my office planning for next year.  Quite a bit has been put in place already but I feel I would like to increase the social interaction and the wellbeing benefits of groups of knitters/crocheters. Perhaps on a simpler, less time consuming basis for them, shorter classes, one-off yarn socials for example. A couple of years ago we held a Knit-in-Public-Day here, it was so much fun and a refreshing take on a knit & natter group.  So keep an eye out for what’s coming up in future post & newsletters.



Much love,  Sharon xx

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