Hello and Welcome to 2023 !

Another year commences…. and this year I am NOT full of resolutions and promises. I have finally realised my  gloriously chaotic life is just perfect for me.  I have no doubt I will end this year with just as many WIP’s as I did in 2022.  I will still have my To-Do list flourishing in my To-Do box. My grasshopper mind will leap from one new idea to another, some completed &  some languishing in the ‘when I have time pile’ – and you know what? That’s just fine and dandy with me.

This year I will not bow down to fashion or age restrictions, if I love it I’m going to make it (and wear it with pride). I’m a huge admirer of Zandra Rhodes, Kaffe Fassett and the late (and sorely missed) Vivienne Westwood – this is where my tastes lie and this year is when I shall allow my true spirit to emerge. I shall not be asking forgiveness for my colour-clashing ensembles, nor defending my penchant for long flowing skirts all year round.

Okay… so that felt so good saying it out aloud but will I be able to carry it through? I hope so, I need to be me and not apologise for it.

Ironically I have just realised that stating I’m not making resolutions but rather am just going to be me, is in fact a resolution in itself, whoops !


I’m not planning to learn to knit faster, or exclusively knit with natural yarns only. I’m not committing to using only yarn from my stash either … I’m going to knit (and crochet) what I want, when I want and at a speed that I enjoy. Perhaps I will not touch my knitting for a week because I have an overwhelming desire to spend time mastering Macarons or dig & plant beds of Tulips. By the same token I shall be the one sitting outside a café in Paris, knitting in public with a gleeful smile on my face.

In other words, I will be slowing down slightly and enjoying the journey, not always trying to finish the race and  I will be living my Very Best Life every single day !!

So whether you are a natural organiser, a dedicated list follower or a free spirit – You Do You !!

What makes you beam with happiness, what inspires you and what moves you, just do it. Take every chance you are offered to give your life a boost. If it’s yarn related then come and see us, we can teach you to knit, crochet, drop-spindle, dye yarn and more. Obviously selling yarn is one of our main objectives but it is not solely our reason for being here. We want everyone to feel thrilled with their craftmaking, we want to see excitement in anticipation of your next project and we LOVE to see those shy-but-proud-smiles when you show us your finished works.

Keep an eye out for our forthcoming classes, groups and one-off special activities.  Being part of the yarn community is so much fun, everything from evening clubs to summer knitting picnics will be offered this year.

Much love, Sharon xx

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