Did you know … we have over 4000 different colours of Yarn in our shop !

I’m going against all my principles today and am working on a Sunday. We are in the process of implementing an all-singing, all-dancing POS system. Which is fantastic but oh boy, is it a lot of work!! For the majority of The Knitters Attic’s existence our online sales exceeded our shop sales and we had set up our system with this in mind. These days it’s very much not the case, so to provide a smoother service we have taken the plunge to install a complete new system, rather than just add to our existing one. We have got the next 3 solid days to achieve this; I’m optimistic but please bear with us this week if you visit and find a little upheaval.


Knitting-wise I’m romping away on socks, a blanket and samples for the shop. I have a wish-to-knit list as long as my arm … so why am I suddenly so taken with this crochet cardigan, Abigail by Emma Wright? It’s crocheted up in Rowan Alpaca Soft DK in the image below but any DK yarn would work just as beautifully. It is rather stunning … and it has pockets!

In other news, once the POS system is in place and order has been restored I shall be extending The Knitters Attic shop opening times, increasing by a day, Tuesdays. The hours 10-4 remain the same but that’s 5 glorious days for you to pop along, have a look, partake of a coffee and sit & decide your colour choices. With over 4000 colour options on display, in varying weights, nobody should be hurried to choose. Take your time, compare, look at them in daylight, feel their softness (or lack of, you know who you are Sale Yarns!)

The POS chaps have arrived so I must leave you here. I figure if I ply (pun intended!) them with coffee & a danish every hour, they will forgive any shortcomings they find whilst setting it all up.

Just to end on a fun note, how cute is this Grumpy Owl? The pattern is free on @gwilami‘s Instagram page. 

Much Love, Sharon xx

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