Knitting or Crocheting in Public?

Is this something you do regularly? I know I certainly do.  With the last year and a half being filled with medical appointments, at first for my late mother and then throughout 2022 to date for my father, I have become very practised at maximizing my knitting time.  I have learnt to not attempt complicated patterns for the constant interest expressed by people around me means I can only concentrate on simple stockinette stitch.

It does mean I have an excessively large collection of just 1 sock of a pair knitted though. If I’m out knitting and reach the toe & am ready for Kitchener stitch I put it to one side to complete when I get home … and start another sock whilst I am still out. Thinking about it, the obvious answer would be to split my 100g ball of sock yarn into two before I commence any knitting.

This Ball Winder in Rosewood from Lykke would make the task a cinch !!

I wish I could recall how many people have stopped to ask me what I am working on, then regale me with their tales of their knitting in days gone by.  When I explain how much the yarn industry has progressed, the new soft yarns, the warm wooden needles, the sheer volume of forums and groups eagerly willing to help and advise fellow knitters – well, I can literally see their curiosity & interest unfurl. Sending them off to peruse Instagram, Ravelry or Facebook with a stark warning of the rabbit hole they are about to fall into is necessary too.

Many a lapsed knitter has popped into our shop within a few days and rekindled their love for expressing their creativity with yarn. As I repeat over and over, there are no rules (except maybe tension).  Fancy a red hat in aran but pattern says to use DK? I can advise on needle or hook sizing, fabric drape etc and between us we can fulfil your wishes. Experimenting with yarn choices is liberating.

Anyway, back to knitting in public – this years National Knit In Public Day is Saturday 10th June.  As our shop is tucked around the back of the property here we gather en masse and take over the front garden of the property.  I am sure many a motorist returned home muttering about the bizarre sight of a large group of knitters after they passed by. You can hear it now ” It was witchcraft I tell you, Mildred!! ” 😉

We do truly have the loveliest of days, you are very welcome to come along and join in, bring a picnic lunch and stay all day ! (there’s always teas and coffees on the go).

Wherever you knit or crochet, just enjoy it !!

Love Sharon xx

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