I have been wanting to offer Evening Classes for sometime now and a quick poll of subjects revealed learning to knit socks as the winner.  So over a course of 6 weeks we shall be learning and producing a perfect sock (maybe even a pair).

I shall take you through everything from choosing yarn and needles (there are so many different options), the different types of heel & toe styles and how to execute the perfectly knitted sock.

You can bring your own yarn if you already have a favourite you’re keen to use or you can purchase yarn here at the beginning of the class (maybe arrive 10 minutes early if you want time to choose). We shall also be offering special ‘The Sock Flock’ kits – comprising of a ‘Sock Flock’ zipped bag, 100g sock yarn, dpns, mini-circular needle & stitch markers.


Everyone will be using our very own tried & tested  Sock pattern. Each row of the pattern has been written out individually and there is space for you to add notes or check off each row as you go, so you will never be wondering exactly where you are up to (see image of example pattern below). If you are brand new to sock knitting it can become confusing working on just one half of the sock for the gusset/heel/heel flap. The best advice I can ever give is work the pattern AND trust the process. Of course I am there with you every step of the way to help you and show you the methods used.

Just to note I do  plan on offering a further evening to Evening Classes Socks in a few weeks for those who cannot attend on a Thursday. I shall also be offering  Advanced Sock Evening Classes and  Brioche Cowl Evening Classes very soon, just need to fix the dates and then I will announce the details.

I am super excited about these Evening Classes, I love the thought of a regular class that allows us to meet & progress together, hence I have named the class as a whole as ‘The Sock Flock’. Don’t forget there will be Tea & Cake too !!

Can’t wait to see you all,

Much love

Sharon x