As most of you will know by now, we were one of the unlucky ones who suffered flooding a little while ago. The house and shop were under inches & inches of water, along with another property we have about 5 miles away (how are unlucky were we? Over 200 properties in Suffolk were flooded and 2 were ours) Actually we consider ourselves very lucky compared to some folks who suffered much worse damage.

So the Shop here in Bredfield is closed until further notice ( NFU insurers are working hard to come up with a temporary solution while the shop will be refitted) but we are still operating with online orders.  Our stockroom did get marginally breached, damaged stock was immediately disposed of and all the unaffected stock was immediately moved to a new storage facility.

So that’s where we are … soldiering on, living out of Pods on our lawn and making the best of this ‘adventure’. We declined hotel accommodation as we have Owls and Goats that need us on site etc. So if you spot a slightly crazed-looking woman splodging around in her wellies do give me a wave. Cooking in the Kitchen Pod is an eye-opener, I’ve never cooked with a gas hob before … Eeek !! 

Moving on to more pleasant subjects – We have NEW Yarns in (they were ordered before the flooding). King Cole offers a beautiful sock yarn called Norse 4ply. It has an unusual self-striping pattern which allows for great creativity when knitting your socks.

View all Norse 4ply here

Not only new yarns but a new brand to us – Rico Design. From Creative Melange Wonderball Aran to Ricorumi you will find exciting new yarns to try. There are corresponding patterns available too and if your visit Rico Design’s website you will discover small FREE project patterns for you to try the Ricorumi yarns with.

All this new crochet yarn had me reaching for my hooks and I found myself wondering why I prefer some hooks (and needles) over others depending on what project I’m working on.

Years ago I happily knitted everything on the metal Pony needles – today I’m inclined to look at my yarn and ponder what it prefers to be used with. I am not, by any means, a hook/needle snob – the right one for the job is all that matters to me. For example over the years I have discovered I prefer to knit my larger garments on short tipped, corded interchangeable needles. the weight of the sweater is distributed more evenly and is less painful for my wrists.

If I’m knitting a lace pattern I prefer longer sharper metal tips. For socks I use 2 different types of needles – the addicrasytrio for the toes and heels but the 9″ mini-circulars for the foot & leg. I also prefer bamboo needles for sock yarn. It makes me wonder how previous generations managed with just bakelite needles and wooden dpns? We are certainly spoiled for choice these days. That’s why I can never recommend just one brand or one type of hook or needle.

Crochet Hooks have various grips, are usually wood, metal or plastic and vary in length. I thought I was a dedicated wooden hook user until I tried the KnitPro Gold SoftTouch Hooks.They are a joy to use and feel so comfortable in my hand.

In other news, there are a few brands we have decided not to continue stocking. We are in the process of a huge stocktake and in the coming weeks I shall being holding a MEGA Sale of these yarns. Scheepjes is one of the brands I’m letting go, as is Bernat and Regia – There will be more !!  Which means I will have room for all the lovely NEW brands I’m bringing in – I won’t spoil the surprise and tell you just yet though.

Sadly we shall have to miss out on our yummy Hot Chocolate Bar in the shop this year. I do so look forward to the beginning of December purely for that. I’m not at all convinced sipping marshmallow-laden hot chocolate in a Pod on my lawn will have the same degree of pleasure ! Thankfully my youngest daughter will be hosting us for Christmas so there are good times ahead to look forward to.

Just one more thing to add (and the most important), I really need to tell you how much the love and support you have all shown has made this difficult time so much more bearable. I have been moved to tears by your concerns, offers to help & unwavering support. I find it hard to use the term ‘customers’ when in actuality the word ‘friends’ is far more appropriate. So Thank You, from the bottom of my heart, you are amazing and I’m grateful to everyone of you. 

Keep the Knitting/Crocheting going !!


Much Love

Sharon xx