Well, it’s Day 1 of our Advent Calendar, it’s 9am … and the response has been phenomenal already !! I am so happy to be able to introduce a little fun into your days this month.

Click on each door on the appropriate day to reveal a surprise. No need to register or sign-up, this is not a ‘marketing tool’, we don’t save your data or record your visit, it’s just a little bit of fun !! My way of showing appreciation for all the incredible support our customers have shown us. Without you all keeping me super busy I think I would have spiraled into despair dealing with the aftermath of the flooding. Instead I am waking up full of enthusiasm to keep going and be the best we can.

I am ridiculously excited with the plans forming for the ‘NEW’ shop (more so than I am for the house according to my husband !!). I have longed for a proper classroom, more display units, and a bigger stockroom, all of which are in the early stages of fruition.

Well I shall not ramble on any longer, enjoy the 1st day of December & don’t forget to pop back each day for a new surprise.

Much Love

Sharon xx