New Year, New Me?  

Hmmm … I quite like the current me actually, although I do concede perhaps I could do with a few tweaks.

Namely to address my extraordinary talent for falling down the rabbit holes Instagram , Facebook and such lay at my feet (well, fingertips really). This is were I really excel, whole hours lost to the wonder of Pinterest boards, losing focus on tv shows being watched (there is a particular episode of Midsomer Murders that I have seen maybe 5 times but never in it’s entirety, whoops!) and the ultimate sin of having a family phone conversation where you are asked what you think… and realise you have been distracted by Ravelry and so have no idea how to respond to said question (it’s only happened twice but still, the shame !).

It’s not just that I lose valuable time being distracted by all the glorious designs & concepts online but I started to doubt my own level of capabilities.  When I give thought and consideration to my next project then view all the outrageously beautiful options others have achieved I feel despondent that my efforts will not meet that level.  I also realised my own creative thoughts & ideas were being reduced to smouldering embers by believing I could not produce any original ideas.

My monthly plan for January

All of this resulted in a significant increase of procrastination.  In other words, I spent so long viewing what I wanted to make rather than actually doing it.  So this year I have resolved to only actively seek out inspiration when I am looking for a new project.  Obviously in my day job I need to be aware of current trends and ideas, this I can happily do as I advance through my daily schedule, so have no fear, the Knitters Attic will still be bringing you up to date designs and yarns.

The other tweak I shall be introducing is knowing when to accept frogging is the only solution to a project. Whether it be the yarn did not behave as I envisaged, the gauge is off or suddenly I really, really can’t stand the shade of purple I was using for a new hat.  I have given myself permission to undo the project and save the yarn for something else (maybe not that purple though !!).

In theory this should enable me to post about my many finished makes this year – there, I’ve said it aloud, so I now have umpteen people avidly waiting for my continuous flow of finished projects … Eek !!

Perhaps you will allow a small amount of poetic licence and I showcase some of the Knitters Attic team’s projects too? Indeed one of us here is embarking on the Ipsa Blanket CAL – if you haven’t seen it then all the details are here –


Isn’t it stunning? It is Tunisian Crochet (something that is becoming a huge trend right now). The designer Arunima Goel is releasing the hexagon patterns over the year, she provides YouTube videos or you can complete her Tunisian-in-the-round crochet course to help you. 

Our team member is using Symfonie Yarns Terra 4ply for the CAL, it is the softest yarn and is available in some outstanding colourways, here are 4 of our favourites – 

You will need a double ended Tunisian Crochet Hook (we have very nearly sold out but more are winging their way to us as I type, message me or call if you would like to reserve one). The hexagon patterns themselves are FREE each week, just sign up to the designers newsletter to receive info when each one is released.

In other news, progress is being made on my latest pair of socks. I found the Opal 4ply ‘Charlie’ colourway a tad too bright for my tastes , so I combined it with a cream solid yarn and am over the moon with how it looks.

Opal 4Ply ‘Charlie’ combined with Opal solid cream


Well, with that all currently floating around my mind I should leave you there and move forwards by picking up my current WIP for a cheeky hour’s knitting. I hope you all have a wonderful 2024 and remember we all carry great potential – just remember to stop for a moment and allow it to surface.

Much Love

Sharon x