I am sure we have all seen or heard of Temperature Blankets by now – each day you crochet or knit a row corresponding to the colours you assign to a range of temperatures. I have even seen mini granny square versions and sewn patchwork versions. Recently I became aware of a new twist on these – changing the criteria for the blanket.

So instead of recording daily temperatures you record something more personal to you, such as your emotions or your level of fatigue etc. It can be for joyous reasons or more sombre causes. I think completing one based on how far you have walked each day is a lovely motivational idea. Admittedly the groupings for colour changes may have to be in metres as opposed to miles etc but that’s the beauty of what makes it so personal.

For ill-health sufferers they may wish to record their level of fatigue, those whose income fluctuates daily could record that or you could simply record the number of times you laughed each day.

Above is an example of how the traditional temperature blanket is decided, just change the colours & criteria to suit your own project. It is a fantastic way to use up odd balls of yarn as well as providing a solid record of your yearly journey.

I personally like the idea of a motivational one, each day I would strive to do that little bit more so I could change the colour of yarn for that day. I would also be interested to note the days where I achieved less and perhaps identify a pattern (excuse the pun). Ultimately I would have a warm and cosy blanket in colours of my choosing by the end of the 365 days (366 this year) – and you can’t beat that !!

Let us know if we have inspired you to give it a go,

Much Love

Sharon x