Playing with Yarns

As you know by now, one of the things I love to do is experiment with different yarns, my favourite  one being combining yarns.  This week I saw a beautiful photo of a talented facebook crocheter (see image below). She had crocheted a stunning C2C blanket and added crochet flowers.  I could immediately envision this in shades of white & off-white, so off to the stock room I went.

I decided on Rowan Alpaca Soft DK combined with Rowan Kidsilk Haze for the main blanket and would add various shades of ivory, white, off-white for the flowers. So I settled in for an afternoon of crocheting bliss, except by the time I got to row 8 I wasn’t loving the feel of the project. It was soft, oh so very soft but not really showing off the ‘haze’  from the Kidsilk.  So I nabbed a ball of Rowan Alpaca Classic and started over.  It was much more like I have in mind,still soft, drapey & hazy. So much so that I did a small test piece with a hook 0.5mm smaller – that was a revelation ! The smaller sized hook gave a far stiffer stitch AND proceeded to hide the hazy part of the yarn. So I finally settled on a 5mm hook with Rowan Alpaca Classic (115) & Rowan Kidsilk (612) held jointly.

Those of you that crochet C2C will know how quickly it grows, today was an afternoon well spent, with an enormous amount of progress made.  I will try to keep working on it as much as possible but this week heralds the arrival of 2 more sets of builders to work on the second reception room and the entrance hall and… finally… I have a Kitchen !!! Woohoo, am so thrilled to make my morning cup of tea in my own home again.  The bathroom is complete too, so both the temporary kitchen and bathroom pods have been sent away (never to be seen again, Please !!). Everything is new so it’s taking a little while to absorb all the new operating aspects of everything (doesn’t technology on household goods change at the speed of light?), do you want a peak at my new range? I am so very HAPPY with the colour…

Ok, ok… the photo on the right is just an example, that I shall aspire to when I next get to cook 🙂 

Work is well underway on the stockrooms and the shop itself. I simply cannot wait for the day I can announce my reopening, I have missed you all very much.  I hadn’t realised how much of a social person I am and how I miss those chatty sessions in the shop.  We will have new yarns (Brands) to show off as well as a new look shop. Although these last 5 months have been rather trying it has given me the time I needed to thoroughly overhaul my stock and take note of where I can improve the yarns offered, through price, colour and quality.

So, for now I must leave you as supper is just about done and the family will begin baying for food before long. I hope you all have a wonderful week, with no dropped stitches or tangled yarn balls,

Much Love

Sharon xx