A little update …

It has been a rather long time coming but I am glad to say that actual work has begun on the house this week, albeit slowly but it still gives me joy to see our home starting to receive the huge hug it really needs. The electrics are first priority, then the enormous task of construction, plastering, decorating, fittings etc can follow. A few of our wooden furniture pieces were removed for restoration (those that I was rather attached to and didn’t want to replace) but the majority has to be purchased.

Some might find that a thrilling event but for me choosing the kitchen, the bathroom, the furniture and everything else at once was a mammoth undertaking. I began to feel as if the quote from Henry Ford, “Any colour the customer wants as long as it’s black”  would have come in very handy some days !! Anyway choices have been confirmed, the house is finally dry and days are filled with the sound of merry contractors (and they are a lovely merry bunch).

So, on to the shop – work has commenced there too. Once again the units will need replacing, along with just about everything else bar the yarn we rescued before the shop flooded. It has been easier than I imagined to maintain our customer base, mainly due to the unwavering support of such wonderful people. Local pick-up and online sales have been fantastic but oh boy, do I miss the interaction with my customers. I can see now that I would never be happy operating an online only store – I NEED the company of these hugely talented, innovative, creative geniuses. Every single one of you has brought something to my life and enriched it … so I cannot wait to be back, shop open and contentment restored.

Sorry this is such a ‘wordy’ post, I have photos of the house and shop etc so will pop back in a few days and upload some, so you can view the chaos the new shop will arise from.

Keep those needles clicking and those hooks twisting until we can meet again,   

Much Love,

Sharon xx